Get Your Guide to safe COVID Secure face 2 face dance classes at

Hot House Dance

Be Smart! Do Your Part!

We have done our homework and have waded through all government & dance industry specific rules, advice and guidance and have broken it down and simplified if for you 


All of the measures that we are putting in place are to protect the whole HHD family, to ensure you are safe and that we are able to stay open.

To ensure we can keep everyone safe, COVID Secure and be able to remain open - we all have our part to play!.

Everything is expained in our downloadable face to face classes guide.

Every Dancers Responsibility.

1. Complete the health check in Form - before every class, on the actual day of the class (this is a legal requirement)

if you or someone in close contact have covid symptoms and/or you have be told to self isolate - please do not attend your class, instead tune in via Zoom and take part in the class live from home.

2. Keeping a safe distance at all times, we explain in the guide why we will be working on a 3 meter safe dance space in all classes.

3. Maintain good hygiene/sanitising - we will provide you with everything you need, but you will need to be aware of the key areas related specifically to dance, which are explained in the guide.

The Hot House Dance team have gone to great lengths to ensure everything has been take care of to ensure your safety, so that we can all get back to dancing safely face 2 face again - and if we all follow the 3 "dancers responsibilities rules" this will ensure that we will all be able to continue with face 2 face class...Be Smart! Do Your Part!