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Introduction to Contemporary Dance & Creativity for dancers at the start of their contemporary and creative dance journey. For dancers aged 8 -12yrs.

An exciting and unique Children's contemporary dance training company for ages boys & girls aged 8 -12yrs

GERMIN:8 is level 1 (of 4 Levels) in the Hot House Dance contemporary dance structured training programme.


Germin:8 is the first step in the Hot House Dance contemporary dance training program, carefully designed to develop young dancers' physicality, creativity and a first-stage exploration of contemporary dance techniques in a fun and nurturing environment. Ideal for any boy or girl interested in exploring what contemporary dance.


The benefits of dance, creative thinking, and being part of an authentically supportive community are well known and are undoubtedly proven to improve participants physical and mental health, but Hot House Dance go further, at the centre of everything we do the 'whole' person is our first and most important focus. Our tried, tested and proven approaches to teaching guarantee that every member of the Hot House Dance family will benefit from 

·    Improved emotional & social confidence

·    Surround yourself with a positive, fun, like-minded community of people that appreciates you for being you

·    Express your true self and get creative

·    Becoming stronger, fitter and having more physical confidence

·    Achieving high standards in dance, while having fun at the same time in a supportive environment


Where: St. Marys Church Hall, Hitchin Town Centre

When: Mondays  4:45-5:30 PM



4:45 - 5:30 PM

St Marys, Church House, Churchyard, Hitchin, SG5 1HP

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