Fun, Positive & Structured

THE MISSION:  It's a very simple idea – Fun! Positive! & Structure! to protect all our mental, physical & community health.​

This page is currently under constant construction

Only basic information included so far below - we are phasing in activities from Monday 13th April

In challenging times family and friends stick together.


Honestly - As dancers, the only numbers we really feel comfortable talking about are 5,6,7,8 !!! Realistically many families within the Hot House Dance family are struggling in this current situation with a dramatic loss of earnings. If you can (as a guide) are able to donate around the equivalent, or just a little bit more, than your normal class fees, then your generosity will go a long way in supporting others, it will enable us to continue paying our lovely team of teachers who are enabling us to provide our online program, and help Hot House Dance to hopefully survive and still be around after the lockdown is over


Our thinking behind the donation approach is during these unusual times, we are hyper-aware and very sensitive of the unexpected pressures on some families incomes, so during these unusual times we are not going to set an amount for class fees, but leave it up to your own discretion... if you can, please donate an amount of your choosing to enable Hot House Dance to be able to continue, and survive this time, until we all meet again... This can be done using the link below, or by using the normal Hot House Dance Bank transfer details (the link below uses Paypal and they deduct a % of every transaction)


Hot House Dance is not supported by any external funding, If you can donate THANK YOU and we love you, and if you are unable to donate we still love you. xxx

*Daily Shake Out - Fun, Physical shake out, get the body and mind started in a positive way - designed for the whole family, any age, any ability, just jump in and get the body moving.
*Whole Family Fun - (every two weeks) as the name suggests, Fun, Prizes, Games, Quizzes, Challenges, and lots of silliness for the whole family

Fun, Positive, & Structured

The next few months are focused on a very simple idea – Fun! Positive! & Structure! – to protect our mental, physical & community health.

  • Live Online Classes

  • Own time  - fun, focused and creative curriculum of activities (to support parents homeschooling mission)

  • 4 Categories of structured themed activities - try out all classes with your category

  • Videos of dance technique tutorial 

  • Learn warm-ups & dance routines, in advanced of your Live online class

  • Choreography Competition

  • Live online group socials

  • Whole family "daily shake out"  - start the day in a positive way

  • Download resources, worksheets, for your own individual development 

  • links to other dance organisations

  • HHD Family buddy system - checking in, and looking out for with each other

  • Whole Family "Big Show" - online social  - games, quizzes, silliness, and prizes

  • Plus so many more plans, (dependant on how long the lockdown lasts for)

To access classes please follow the following 3 steps

1. Please send us BOTH your email address and mobile number, so we can connect you to all the technology

2. Download the Zoom apps for the Live online classes
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3. Download the Whatsapp app for access to the class WhatsApp groups - with group relevant videos,
information and updates
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Everyone! is welcome at Hot House Dance.
If Hot House Dance is new to you and would like to join - you are more than welcome
Just register Here and we will get you all set up

This site is still under construction - and being updated constantly  


What's the plan?

For more details about The Hot House Dance Mission & Plans over the coming like while - please download this documents and hopefully everything is explained 

Please come back on Monday 13th April and will have a lot more included on this page.



t: 07870 374038

a: Hitchin, Hertfordshire 

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