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Hot House Dance


Hothouse (Definition): hot|house Pronunciation: /ˈhɒthaʊs



•1.1An environment that encourages rapid growth or development,


•› a place or environment in which people are taught to develop skills and knowledge more quickly than usual:


•A heated greenhouse in which plants that need protection from cold weather are grown


•Hot house: a climate, which is both sophisticated and thoughtful.


Hot House Dance is a flagship dance organisation in Hertfordshire relentlessly motivated by the strong belief in the positive power of dance and the creative process to improve every individual. Connecting all with a healthy balance of fun and challenging physical activities, creative thinking and an authentically positive and supportive community. Motivated to make a difference, and to lift the horizons in all people’s lives, by engagement in dance and the wider arts, to unlock extended dance potential, build personal confidence, resilience and motivation to support the growth and success as a person, with the development of an extended range of transferable life skills

Hot House Dance is committed to invests in developing an authentic and challenging approach to enrich and inspire all people to explore creativity and participate in high quality and enriching dance experiences, through a range of actives: classes, workshops, educational outreach and special events. Recognised as pioneers in pre & post vocational dance training, Hot House Dance promote best practice & provide exceptional & innovative dance training 

Led by an experienced team with extensive dance industry expertise, skilled in professional teaching, choreography, & performance to ensure high quality deliver across all dance actives


The reasons Why people dance is deeply personal, individual and as varied and vast as the stars in the sky.  It goes without saying Hot House Dance will teach you what dance is, and how to dance, the Why is often deeply hidden, with barriers and obstacles in the way. Using tried, tested and proven caring and supportive approaches you will not only discover your why, but you will be supported and nurtured to confidently express your why. Are you ready for the challenge? Our secret is to improve the person first because we know when you improve the person first, the true dancer follows. double win!


We uniquely focus on the whole person, and fill in the holes in character and dance training, with you at the centre.

Why Hot House Dance

Hot House Dance is not just another dance class...

we go further

  • Improved emotional & social confidence

  • Surround yourself with positive, fun like-minded community of people that appreciate you for being you

  • Express your true self and get creative

  • Become stronger, fitter and have more physical confidence

  • Achieve high standards in dance, and have fun at the same time in a supportive environment

What else do you get?​

  • Exciting Performance opportunities

  • Proven track record in a high level of success at dance progression

  • Dancers at Hot House Dance see an increase in grades in other dance qualifications and improved ability and confidence in all dance techniques

  • Work with like-minded, focused & committed dancers

  • We are constantly developing to make sure we meet your individual needs & high expectations, we regularly invite professional guest teachers to share professional and cutting edge ideas

The concept of Hot House Dance was born in a literal dream by founder Damian.

1. Take a Seed:

The potential of every human

2. Plant in good soil with the right environment: 

The Hot House Dance Structure and family

3. Cared for by a great gardener:

The Hot House Dance Teaching Team

...and the result is the seed will grow healthy roots which will produce an excellence crop, which feeds others

The HHD Contemporary Dance training programme follows the same progression structure, at every stage of growth and development every individual member is carefully nurtured to grow healthy - physically, mentally, and emotionally and when ready and the conditions are right will progress up to the next level of growth 

Level 1. CRE:8

Level 2. Germin:8

Level 3. Propagator Youth Dance Company

Level 4. Hertfordshire Advanced Training Scheme

Level 5. Momentum Dance Company

Level 6. ?...don't worry we also support you with this one too

Contemporary Dance Training Programme at Hot House Dance
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