Hot House Dance is my second home. it's made me the person I am today and expanded my love for dance. X


Becky Tomlin - Dancer

Because of Hot House Dance I  have learnt so much..and have given me so many great opportunities, things I wouldn't have been able to do without Hot House Dance. I love the dance classes!


Emilia Shanley - Dancer

Hot House Dance inspires me to dance at my best. After every class I feel that I have worked my hardest and feel motivated for the next class.


Kerry Sample - Dancer

Hot House dance (CAT scheme and MDC) is one of the best things that has happened to me.  Working with Hot House Dance is inspirational. I am accepted for who I am and am pushed to be the best I can be but have fun doing it.

Annie Gale - Burnett - Dancer

Hot House Dance has had a massive impact on my dance life. Working my way through Propagator Youth Dance Company, the CAT Scheme satellite course, and Momentum Dance Company - as well as being presented with so many opportunities such as workshops and intensives here - has given me an amazing set of skills and the confidence I needed to apply to study Dance at university this year.

Lauren Ash - Dancer

No other Dance School has inspired or motivated me more-what I have achieved under Hot House Dance's mentoring I could have only dreamed of doing 3 years ago.


Niamh Milligan - Dancer

"My little boy dances when he hears any rhythm. But he was the only boy in a class of 30 girls at his school dance class. Street Dance 4Boys has been like an awakening for him. He is not alone. A massive confidence boost! "


Street Dance 4Boys Parent

"Sending my son to Street Dance 4Boys at Hot House Dance was the single-most confidence building thing I have ever done for my son


Street Dance 4Boys Parent

Motivating, Liberating, and truly exceptional dance classes, highly recommended


Nikki Ahern - Parent

Hot House Dance has given me the confidence to believe in my dancing ability and push myself in choreography and performances


Sara Marshall - Dancer

"Hot House Dance is always challenging and inspiring. I've made many wonderful friends along the way."


Nikki Adams - Dancer

The best thing about Hot House Dance is that they genuinely cares for the students they work with.  So many dance/theatre schools are all about milking parents of money but Hot House Dance would do it for nothing; such is the commitment to developing young people and in turn my daughter.


Claire Burnett - Parent

So thankful we found Hot House Dance. When your child has a passion for dance you need teachers that can build on that love of dance and inspire, push, bring out the best and open other doors of opportunity. Hot House Dance has done all of those things and more.


Donna Milligan - Parent


Brilliant show and brilliant dance teachers who encourages the youngsters to reach their potential. I would definitely recommend Hot House Dance.


Kathy Waterson - Parent

I went to watch my son and other kids in The Hot house Dance Show at the weekend and I was astounded. The hard work the children have put in to produce a show of that calibre is mind-blowing for their ages! And this doesn't even cover the dedication and love be for the job that the teachers and staff put in. Keep up the good work!! Big love xxxx


Emily Taylor - Parent

We highly recommend Hot House Dance! We heard about their CAT scheme through The Place in London. Hot House Dance has a winning way with all their students, building their confidence as well as their dancing ability! We drive over an hour to get to his classes, which says it all!


Julie Gamston - Parent

A fantastic half term, youth dance training course! Such a lot learnt by our daughter in just three days and so many styles explored. The kids obviously enjoyed themselves, giving a brilliant performance at the end and Hot House Dance knows how to bring the best out of them. What a wonderful opportunity this has been for my daughter and she's come away wanting more!


Nikki Gifford - Parent

A thoroughly enjoyable 3 days.....learnt sooooo much and know it will help me in the future. Wish it was half term every week!! xx


Phoebe Wilson - Dancer

My two loved the half term course. They came out buzzing every day and my husband and I were astounded at what they had achieved in just 3 days. The performance at the end of the course was so professional. I love that my children get so excited about Hot House Dance and practise at home - they have a passion for dance and Hot House Dance are great at nurturing this. Huge thanks x


Gilly Andrews - Parent

"Since joining Street Dance 4Boys my son's confidence has increased dramatically! He enjoys the teaching styles and is not afraid to perform in front of people now . His school teachers have noticed this positive attitude change and he has been given more speaking parts/ dances in shows and assemblies. His dancing has improved so much since he first started and that is thanks to the hard work of this class!


Street Dance 4Boys - Parent

"Street Dance4Boys classes are an excellent way to develop individual self confidence and creativity in a very supportive environment. It also gives young boys the perfect way into exploring other forms of dance."


Street Dance 4Boys  - Parent