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Guidance© is Hot House's Personal Dance Training service. 


Guidance is a dance service that offers specialist support for young people age 16+ wanting to progress and work in the Professional Dance Industry.


For aspiring dancers and their teachers, considering career and further study options can be confusing or daunting.  Guidance offers support delivered on a one-to-one basis, focused specifically upon an individual’s needs.  We also run workshops for whole groups of dance students, designed to complement and develop the education young dancers are already receiving whilst studying for a level 3 qualification (A level Dance & BTEC Dance).


Students’ confidence is strengthened by making informed career choices and producing strong applications.  Guidance can build confidence in auditioning, resulting in greater success in achieving their goals.  With 15 years of experience, all programmes are delivered by our team of CRB checked dance industry professionals and experienced dance lecturers.

Professional Dancer Development Programme (PDDP)


The Professional Dancer Development Programme runs yearly from September to April.  Dancers on the DDP attend at total of 32 evening Contemporary Dance classes, as well as Street Dance if they choose.  Dancers receive one-to-one guidance, advice and support in the form of dance technique reviews from a member of the Hot House Dance teaching team.  Every two weeks they have a meeting (in person or by phone) with their mentor to receive specific feedback.  An outline of targets for progressing in their technical dance ability is emailed directly to each individual student following this meeting.  For students who give serious committment to attending the classes and meeting the goals set with their mentor, the dance progress made can be very significant in just 8 months.


Who benefits from the DDP?


6th form students following academic dance routes (such as A Level Dance) will find this service invaluable as the Hot House Dance team's guidance can bring a committed student's technical dance ability into line with their academic achievements.


Those who come to classes as a hobby for general fitness, but find themselves wanting to progress more seriously in their dance technique will also benefit from the one-to-one mentoring of this programme.

 Students who have had a year out from training and want to get 'back on track', with a view to auditioning for Dance School will find this programme hugely beneficial.


Alongside Guidance, students can further develop their dance technique in excellent, well-structured classes (again, taught by dance industry professionals) run by our sister company ‘Hot House Dance’, based in Hitchin, which is dedicated to quality advanced dance training for all aspiring dancers, as well as dance teachers.

If you feel that Guidance can offer you and your students support and advice in any of the areas outlined, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Aspiring dancers can benefit from support and advice in some of the areas listed below including:


  • Advice on University or Vocational Dance school?

  • One to One Technique classes or Fitness & Flexibility Classes

  • Support Completing Successful application forms

  • Be prepared by Taking part in Mock Auditions

  • Funding Advice,

  • Audition Solo Preparation,

  • Personal Statement support

  •  & the very popular Dancer Development Programme.


Support is designed around the individual’s needs.  We also offer whole group support within schools.

What sort of Support

Guidance will tailor its support specifically for your requirements as a teacher, school or for individuals in your classes, within the following areas:


Application Support

  • Based upon an individual’s strengths and career aspirations advice is given on where to apply (a dance degree at a University or Vocational Dance School);

  • Support is available for filling in application forms, writing strong personal statements, getting references, gaining the necessary medical documents and photo shots.

Audition Support

  • Gaining performance skills through practical dance sessions;

  • Coaching in audition andinterview techniques;

  • Devising and developing strong audition solos that highlight the individual's strengths, through practical workshops.

Mock Auditions

  • Individuals experience dancing in an audition setting and receive feedback in preparation for their “real” auditions.

Work Experience

  • Help in finding placements in the dance industry that develop essential skills and enrich an individual’s CV or personal statement.

Funding Support

  • Advice on locating sources of funding for further dance training.



Support is designed around the individual’s needs.  We also offer whole group support within schools.

Guidance©  Founded 2009

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