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adult contemporary dance class at Hot House Dance

Adult Contemporary Dance

This adult contemporary class is a fun & supportive class that focuses on developing strength, stamina and pushing boundaries. Aimed at dancers with some experience, but we have a beginner's class available too!  for adult/experienced dancers with a good/advanced understanding of the Contemporary Dance Technique. These are extremely physical classes and designed to challenge both dancers physical and mental ability, focused on developing and maintaining a strong contemporary dance technique, and strengthening performance and creative skills. Dancers have the opportunity to be involved in various performance opportunities,


These Classes are Ideal for Professional Dancers, Dancers with university or vocational dance school training, or dancers with aspirations to train at a Vocational Dance school level!

All Hot House Dance advanced Classes are taught by professional dance industry experts, with professional dance training and extensive dance industry experience in training, performance and teaching.

The benefits of dance, creative thinking, and being part of an authentically supportive community are well known and are undoubtedly proven to improve participants physical and mental health, but Hot House Dance go further, at the centre of everything we do the 'whole' person is our first and most important focus. Our tried, tested and proven approaches to teaching guarantee that every member of the Hot House Dance family will benefit from 

Hot House Dance is not just another dance class... we go further

  • Improved emotional & social confidence

  • Surround yourself with positive, fun like-minded community of people that appreciate you for being you

  • Express your true self and get creative

  • Become stronger, fitter and have more physical confidence

  • Achieve high standards in dance, and have fun at the same time in a supportive environment

adult contemporary dance class at hot house dance

No other Dance School has inspired or motivated me
more-what I have achieved under Hot House Dance's mentoring I could have only dreamed of doing 3 years ago.


Where: John Henry Newman School, Hitchin Road, Stevenage, SG1 4AE

When: Tuesdays 8 - 9pm

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adult contemporary dance classes at hot house dance

Adult Contemporary Dance


The reasons Why people dance is deeply personal, individual and as varied and vast as the stars in the sky.  It goes without saying Hot House Dance will teach you what dance is, and how to dance, the Why is often deeply hidden, with barriers and obstacles in the way. Using tried, tested and proven caring and supportive approaches you will not only discover your why, but you will be supported and nurtured to confidently express your why. Are you ready for the challenge? Our secret is to improve the person first because we know when you improve the person first, the true dancer follows. double win!


We uniquely focus on the whole person, and fill in the holes in character and dance training, with you at the centre.

dance classes for adults at hot house dance
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